USS Caldwell DD 605 Reunion VII

Reunion VII took place on September 21-24, 2004, in The Sunny Side of Louisville in Southern Indiana.

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John Anzelc,   Warren Bacon,   John Bates,   Cecil Baumgartner,   Glenn Baumgartner,   Eugene Elliott,   John Fullerton,   Wilma Grosenbough,   Leon Hendrickson,   Bob Khaler,   Ray Lease,   Ray Lease, Jr.,   Jack Lewellen,   Bob Martin,   William Meyers,   Glenn Montgomery,   Ed Murphy,   Leroy Norman,   Clarence Osborn,   Henri Pare,   Rosemarie Rohlfs,   Howard Shone,   Marguerite Squibb,   Russell Weiss,   Lois Wetzel,   George Whitney

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